Family History Research

Through a combination of online and onsite research, I am able to help build a family history using a wide variety of records to prove relationships between different generations. In depth research allows me to reconstruct the life of an ancestor, determining occupation and involvement in the community. I am able to visit local and state repositories in Connecticut as well as in neighboring Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and New York City. I often take on projects involving non-Connecticut based ancestors, performing all necessary online research and then coordinating genealogists nationally and internationally to do onsite work.

For those with “brick walls”, I can organize research, analyze findings and determine next steps.

Clients are typically provided with a source cited research report which documents what resources were used, analyzes findings and provides suggestions for further research. The research report also includes copies of any documents obtained and a family lineage when appropriate.

Please contact me so that we can discuss your particular situation and I can give you an accurate quote as to how much these services might cost.