Record Retrieval

Most of the World’s Major Genealogical Resources are still not available online.

FamilySearch1 estimates that over 92% of the world’s Genealogical Historical Records are still offline and only available by visiting the archives and repositories where they are located. In Connecticut it is estimated that 80% of all Genealogical Historical Records are still not online. That means that no matter what website you use, you will not find 92% of the available world records or 80% of the available Connecticut records for research. If you spend most of your time researching online, you are neglecting the vast majority of Genealogy Records and Resources.

I can research the historical records you are seeking on location from state and local archives, libraries and repositories to give you access to records that are not available elsewhere.

Please contact me so that we can discuss your particular situation and I can give you an accurate quote as to how much these services might cost.

1 FamilySearch Works to Put the World’s Historical Records Online in One Generation. FamilySearch Blog. 4 Feb. 2014.