Adoption/Birth Family Searches

My primary focus is locating and reuniting birth families. My area of expertise lies in having the ability to combine historical records with contemporary data.  I have been doing this type of research for the past 10 years.


In Adoption/Birth Family Searches, I guarantee the current name and address of the person for whom you are searching, or the next of kin in the event that person is deceased, or no fee.  I work as a “no find no fee” searcher.  While I ask for a refundable partial retainer up front for my Adoption/Birth Family Searches, it comes with the guarantee that if I am not successful in finding the person you are searching for, or their living next of kin, your retainer is refunded in full.

Please contact me so that we can discuss your particular situation and I can give you an accurate quote as to how much these services cost if the search is successful.

Adoptees, please click here to contact me regarding finding your birth parents.

Birth parents and siblings seeking information on an adopted child, click here.

I also provide the following services:

Family History Research | African American Lineage Research

Or simply feel free to contact me.

Pro Bono

One of the most difficult part of this work is when someone sends me a heartfelt request for my services pro bono and I find that I am simply unable to accommodate their request and have to turn them away.  Please understand that I receive a large amount of requests for help.  As just one person I have to commit myself primarily to my clients as well as those that are in dire need because of a medical emergency.   If you are someone that is financially unable to utilize my paid services, please go to the RESOURCE TAB on this web site where I list tips and helpful links to help get you started on your search. I also have a list of local support groups that may be able to help guide you.

Emergency Birth Family Searches

If you or someone you know is terminally ill and in need of immediate search help, please email me at EmergencySearch@Family-Orchard.Com and make sure that you write EMERGENCY SEARCH in the subject line of the email. Please do not fill out the contact form.

Other Services

I also provide other specialized genealogical research services, such as African American Lineage Research, Record Retrieval, Forensic Genealogy and Family History Research.