Success Stories

I have my father’s eyes

In a few months I will turn 84 years old. I never dreamed that one day I would be sitting on a boat in Newport Beach Harbor with two of my newly found half brothers enjoying a picnic and happily getting to know each other. Or that one of them would just keep looking...

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FIRST PERSON – A Father and Son Reunion

By Morgan ZC I had no idea who my father was for the first 74 years of my life. Given up for adoption, all I knew was what the adoption records stated: that my father had died before I was born. I often wondered who he was? How did he die? Had he even...

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Thanks from the bottom of our hearts

In 2006, I asked John Suggs if he would attempt to locate my long-time friend’s birth mother. My friend had been adopted at birth in 1967 in San Francisco. The only information he had was her name at the time of his birth and the city in England from where she hailed....

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I look just like my biological mother!

I had been searching for my biological mother and biological father on and off for over 20 years with no real progress due to the antiquated closed adoption laws of New York State.  Then John came into my life.  Within days he had made more progress than I had in...

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Hi. I am John F. Suggs and my expertise is in genetic analysis, forensic research and investigation in the field of genetic genealogy where I assist “persons of unknown parentage” such as: adult adoptees, sperm and egg donor’s adult children and others searching for...

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91-Year-Old Mystery Solved

John did the seemingly impossible. He solved a 91-year-old family mystery and successfully found my birth grandmother’s next of kin – an 85-year-old nephew – who was able to finally tell us about my birth grandmother who would have been 111...

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