Imagine, for a minute, if you had to go through your whole life without knowing who you were when you were born. Without knowing who gave birth to you. Without knowing what your own name had been. Without knowing your own brothers and sisters or your family’s medical background. Now, imagine if, as an adult, you attempted to seek out the answers to these questions but were told everywhere you looked that you had no right to the information? That is what the majority of Adult Adoptees in the United States experience each and every day of their lives.

For most Adult Adoptees their Original Birth Records have literally been sealed. They are forced to navigate and overcome legally sealed records, family secrets and misinformation in their efforts to successfully search and find their Birth Parents and Birth Siblings and discover and document their personal family heritage. It is with these unique hurdles in mind, that the expertise of a Professional Investigative and Forensic Genealogist like myself can be more than useful. I have the depth of experience necessary to tackle difficult search problems. I understand the personal challenges faced by Adult Adoptee Searchers along with the unique search avenues that are available from sources such as historical and legal records and, most importantly, Genetic DNA Testing.

If you are an Adult Adoptee, or a birth mother/father/sibling or if you simply love an Adult Adoptee, know that I can help!

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Photo courtesy of Markus Spiske