If you’re reading this you have arrived at the right place.  My experience with John at Family Orchard was extraordinary!

I had been looking for my birth family for years  and had not been successful until I was introduced to Family Orchard and into the caring hands of John Suggs.

I wanted to discover who I was, but also to discover what made my parents who they were and what kind of life they lived.  I was also interested in an introduction and connection with any family members and brothers and sisters.  John was resourceful, tireless and compassionate at every level.

E.E. Cummings once said “The hardest thing you ever do is to become who you really are.”

And you can’t know that unless you know where you came from and all the components that contribute to making you, you.

Besides a healthy curiosity, I wanted the potential of making real and lasting family connections, and John helped me do that with the utmost care and compassion for my feelings and the feelings of others involved in my search.

I had previously ventured forth on a search of my own six years ago, and although I was successful in locating my brother and niece, I was not successful in getting my communication through to them and my attempts failed at any real response.  I suffered through numerous rejections and was assured when I met John that he would be there through it all and have my back.

John kept all of his promises to me.

And when the time came to make the call to my half sister, the fear associated with the past, reared its head again. It was John who came to my rescue. When the time came for me to make the phone call to my half sister, I was afraid and John  coached me and made the first call for me before my own was made and smoothed the path for us both.

The result, success and such joy for my new sister and myself. We are so incredibly happy about finding each other that words cannot clearly express my gratitude for Johns expertise and compassion.

So, if you’re reading this, don’t hesitate, in starting your own journey. Give John a call. It will be life changing!

Affectionately and respectfully yours,
Jane M.
Cheshire, CT

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